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4 "General Toshev" str., Old Town, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Chalukova house

In the Old Town of Plovdiv – on the Taksim and Dzhambaz Hill – the Chalukovi family had a lot of estates, some of which were larger than the Chalukovi House. But all of them are burned in fires over the centuries. Only the Chalakov House, where had been living Valko the Great – the father of Chalukovi race, remained. In the museum exposition is placed a golden copy of the generic ring of Chalukovi family, made by goldsmith from Plovdiv. This ring was used for a signet and has been passed from father to the eldest son.

The furniture in the house is from the Bulgarian Revival. It is prepared a brief written history of the house and the family for the guests, and the book "Valko and Stoyan Todorov Chalukov – ancestry, life and activity", written by Hristo Kiriakov and published in 1935.Chalukova housebuilt in the 50s of the XIX c.

The ring

= About the Chalukov family =

“I understood that the science could not come from Gabrovo and reach across the whole Bulgaria, but it could come from Filibe. Then we will show our care for Bulgaria, we will thank to …. Neophyte, and he will bless us. We will take students from all of the cities in Bulgaria – 2,3 guys who are worthy...”Valko TodorovPlovdiv, 23 April 1836

The Chalukovi family do not come from Plovdiv, they come from Koprivshtitza. But they left the lightest trial in Plovdiv. The first one who settled down in Plovdiv in 1793 is Stoyan Todorov Chalukov, know as Stoyan the Great. In 1940s Stoyan the Great and his sons gather the sheep and cereals tax for the Sultan from Misia, Trakia and the region around Sofia. In 1848 Stoyan the Great buys from the Sublime Port the right to collect the thithe against 400 000 pennies. However, this brings him the income from 5 183 877 pennies (1200 % return). To compare with - the Sugar Factory, which was built in Sofia before 1878, costs 200 000 pennies. Also, with the donations, direct participation and guidance of Stoyan the Great were built the “St. Bogoroditza” Church and the diocesan school "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ", as well as a lot of churches and monasteries in the whole country. Valko the Great, who is Stoyan the Great’s brother, comes in Plovdiv in 1817 and he enters in the city government, he deels with the settlement of hospitals, churches and schools. He became the founder and supervisor of the Rila Monastery. With his help are built and restored the temples "St. Nicholas "and" Sv. Petka "in Plovdiv, and " Sv. Nicholas " in the Bachkovo Monastery. With his donations are built the hospital "St. Petka " and its school.